Ants Are fANTastic


A delightful little picture book about ants told in rhyme with colorful and engaging pictures as well as many fun facts about ants by David R Morgan. David R Morgan is an award winning children’s author. He has won the Acorn Award for best children’s picture book, the Paragon Prize for children’s stories, the Newman Prize for an Educational Series, and has received a Soundings Nomination for performed poetry and music. He has brought his diverse talents to his new books about brilliant bijou beasties many of us are frightened of. David has a unique way of making us like these scary little critters and enjoy a book in verse about each one of them.  This little book about ants puts a ‘not so scary’ twist on the common little things found all around us as well as provides some education about ants.  A wonderful addition to any child’s library. This is an easy read for early readers and helps children understand and not be fearful of ants.


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